Structure of the “Realms”

Over the years I have heard and read many allusions to the “Higher Realms”, “planes” or other such similar wording. These terms are used to indicate an individual or group idea of the existence of unseen places. I will use the term Realms regarding these places which are of an occult nature. As such, we each see and relate to these planes differently. These Realms are of a higher vibratory energy level than our mundane physical Realm of matter. Yet they exist within the same “space”.

I have developed a simple structure from which the aspiring Occultist may begin. This is by no means a concise or necessarily correct structure. I think the very act of observation can affect the structure. Plus, the beings that exist in these realms affect them constantly as well. This is just a quick sketch. The details will be in the new book.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy.


The Planes-c



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