Tutelary Spirits


I was in Tulsa, OK and drove from the Cherry Street area into Brooke Side. As I did I had a thought. “The spirit of this area feels different than other areas of the city… What if a Tutelary Spirit is basically an Egrigor, or Tulpa?”

I have always felt the difference in areas as I travel; even from city to city. However, this was the first time I had considered that the feeling was due to the “spirit” of the area. I have been reading about Tutelary Spirits over the last few weeks while performing other research and that could have very well assisted in triggering this line of thought.

The Tutelary Spirit is in its simple form a guardian or patron of a place, person, city, culture or even nation. This can even relate to the idea of personal familiars. An Egrigor is a communal thought form that develops and grows typically from the minds of a magical group. I am now of the opinion this applies to communities as well, though unintentionally. The Tulpa is an Egrigor, or individual thought form, that has received enough undirected energy poured into it that is becomes self-aware and takes on a life of its own.

Humans bleed off a tremendous amount of life energy during their lifetime. This bleed off includes random and unconscious thought as well. If the thoughts of the general community are closely aligned, especially around a church or temple, I can see the creation of a thought form occurring. The thought form is fed by the energy of the thoughts that created it. It reasons to me that since the life energy and thought energy are close enough in nature, the community would inadvertently feed the thought. As it feeds on the energy it begins to draw more until it can become self-aware.

Once self-aware, the newly formed Tulpa can interact with the community per the expectations. If there no expectations or the Tulpa comes to life by general attitude, then it acts out with that attitude. This makes me wonder if the old Patron gods existed because of this Tulpa evolution. Of course, the energy would have been intentionally directed towards the Patron as the individuals in the community prayed to the deity. The Tulpa deity of one city would have been somewhat different than the Tulpa deity of another, even if the two deities shared a common name.

This line of inquiry is still quite new and will take some work to fully develop. It opens a whole new occult track relating to spirits and deities. I will keep my progress updated.

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