New Ways – Part 1


I find it odd, that in a world of quickly advancing mundane technology, humans are so leery of anything new in the realm of spirituality or religion. Not only do a majority following the mainstream religions stick with old dogma and traditions, they refute any changes as heresy. Why? I think it is because humans fear changes in general.

Over the last 150 years, humanity has become accustomed to continuing physical change in technology. Human technology can be seen. It can be used, and the results of such use can be seen. However, when it comes to such things as spirituality, magic and religion, many humans fear changing anything for many reasons. One reason I have heard numerous times is because the “old ways” are more authentic. More authentic than what? All spiritual paths, and I do mean ALL, were created by humans. Even if a “god” instructed a human to do certain things, it was the human that constructed the path.

Moses was given the Ten Commandments, but he was still responsible for enforcement and building the spiritual path for Israel to follow. Buddha constructed a path from his own practice and efforts as to what worked, and later generations added to this path. Mohamed was given instruction by the god Allah in which he transmitted this information verbally until it was finally written down; he started a new path that has been carried on. Alister Crowley was supposedly instructed by a being named Aiwass and given a book for the world and a religion named Thelema; yet he ignored it. Later, he combined older ritual magic with his Thelema and created a new path. That path is now a mildly popular religion.

My theme here is that all spiritual paths were new at one time. And these paths have often been found useful. Yet most people are fearful of changing them too much, if at all. Buddhism is one exception, though the core changes very little and there is more added to the path than really changed. And if it works for you, I’m sure that is fine. However, trying to adhere to something that is decades or even millennia old that does not fully fit your needs is questionable at best.

There are of course always the exceptions to the norm. And I salute those trailblazers. They take and adjust the system, path or religion to the perception they currently have so that it is more serviceable to them personally. This is different however than simple Chaos Magic which uses a path or system as is then discards it until needed again. I am talking about real changes, even to the point of blending with other paths. If a path is not fully serviceable, then the usefulness is diminished.

When I write or share information, it is intended as a basis for exploration leading to your own self centrist path. And everyone needs a base. The base should be useful and flexible, free of dogma and an attitude of “this is the best way”, or even worse, “the only way.” Without this flexibility to experiment and choose, we can box ourselves in very quickly. In turn, the box hinders growth and the ability to clarify perception.

We will cover this subject further…

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