New Ways – Part 2

Proof of the box. So, I posted part 1 on Facebook as I post all my blogs. And then I boosted the post to get it out to more people. It appears it went out to some people that did not agree with what I said, and that is fine. Several essentially replied on how God and Jesus are forever and that nothing should ever change. I was told by 2 people to repent. While none of the comments were unsavory or directly attacking, it did show how much humans hate to even think about changing and just how much of a box they are in. I deleted the comments, but I now wish I had kept them as examples.

The comments were nothing new to what I have heard and seen over the years. And I am not asking anyone to change, especially for me. I am just suggesting a review of the past and this moment in time. Can you get somewhere in Christianity? Sure. However, sticking to doctrines and never exploring outside of the bible, regardless of translation, only limits yourself. If a dedicated follower of Jesus were to explore books and writings that the Holy Mother Church found detestable and some even heretical, they will find a new and enlightening view of Jesus.

You may have noticed I said Jesus, not Christ. I do not consider Jesus and Christ the same person. In fact, I do not consider Christ a person at all, but as various Tulpa created by each of the major sects of Christendom each for their perspective views.  Jesus was a powerful Sorcerer in his own right and I have great respect for the arisen one. Christ is a theological treatise that varies from sect to sect and from translation to translation; much of it based on the so called “Book of John.” Yet, we must realize these variations occurred early on after the birth of Christianity. Many were geographically as well as culturally separated. Therefore, it makes sense that there would be variations and differences.

Then in each region the variation became tradition and a new box was established. I have seen the same thing in various sects of Wicca, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam as well. And the only “changes” have been over certain doctrines and interpretations. Very rarely does anything new come out of a split. And again, that is their prerogative. Yet, there are those who do get out of the old box, only to form a new one.

My point to all of this is that having parameters is fine, as well as needed. But not allowing for changes to those parameters when needed can and most likely will hold you back from any kind of progress. Remain open to new information, new thoughts, new practices. If they mesh and more importantly work, add them in, or use them as a replacement for something else. If you explore an idea and it fails to provide something positive, set it aside. That is not to say that an idea may not prove useful later if your perspective changes.

Learn, work and rework, progress. Above all grow. Stagnation is a killer. And death is the enemy…


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