All is Perception!

~Thomas Aquinas

I have made this very statement throughout my life and I continue to find it true.

The Google on-line dictionary has several  definitions; however, I find this one the most relevant:   “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.”

Sometimes we need to simply step back and question our own perception. I have had just such a crisis. Though, I am better now. How we individually look at existence, answer questions and generally deal with the world at large are all filtered through the lens of perception. And, considering that a filter is more useful than not, there is no issue with that filter.

Yet, perception is always flawed. The filter is often simply the notorious “Rose Colored Glasses” we all have. Simply put, we often see things how we want to see them, especially if we have been raised from a young age to see the world in a specific way, being colored by our parent’s religion and the cultural setting we are born into. Thus, our perception is not necessarily true if even valid, though it may be workable.

The way perception applies in my situation is in how I was writing a book that I did not feel like I should be writing, or even wanted to write. U tend to have a knee jerk reaction when I am not headed in the right direction and I deleted the draft. I also prepared to delete my website and FB group. But then my Best friend and brother made fun of me for never completing anything I start. While this is not wholly correct, it is very like me. So, I stepped back, stop doing anything I had been doing and just dropped all my efforts. I have done nothing in the realm of “magic” or the occult other than some reading.

I do not “practice” magic in the generally understood of way most people use magic. Everything I do is with energy and thought. This would fall under the term “Psychic”. And I hate that term. Not because it is inaccurate, but because of the connotation of deception and quackery when someone says Psychic. And honestly, I do not remember ever meeting someone who called themselves a psychic that I liked or trusted. Yet again, that is pretty much what I do. Some of the skills are innate, others I must work at.

All the details of how I finally accepted this position are irrelevant. The point I am making is that I HAD to make an adjustment in my perspective regardless of how distasteful it was to do so, in order to advance. I still consider myself an occultist, and that is how I will refer to myself. Psychic ability is one segment of the Occult world. If you become disillusioned, stagnated or confused in general, step back and look at your perception. It is your current perception that may very well be the root cause of your frustration.

2 thoughts on “Perception”

  1. I found u, today after reading up on my horoscope. Lets chat if u ever got any free time . my names p. this topic does catch my attention greatly during this time hope to hear from ya peace


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