Greetings. It has been sometime since I have released a new blog. I have been on somewhat of a journey, yet again, adjusting my perceptions and spending time in communion with a being I have been associated with since my youth. As with all good things, clarity comes over time and when you are ready. Well, I am now ready…

Over the next 18 months, I am going back to school, expanding my writing, going to complete the book I started, and open a world temple via the Internet. My wife is ecstatic (not really). I already have this forum here and on Facebook to serve that purpose for now.

( templeophite/ ) These forums will of course grow and change, as will the format.

The temple will be duly incorporated and registered as a not for profit religious entity so that the temple and its mission are protected, as are any members. I do not care for the word religion because of the negative connotations it carries today, and for myself. However, for descriptive purposes it is the term best suited for our progress and not incorrect. There is no faith and no worship required. There is teaching, reverence, creed, and above all, work. The  Christian Bible states, “…faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” (James 2:17 NIV) I say faith is unneeded if you have works to begin with.

I have spent a good deal of my life in the study of religion and magic, most of which is not truly separate. They terms may be different as are the perceptions of each, but in the end, it is human manipulation of unseen forces. I intend not only to seize upon religion and magic, but to propel the ordinary human beyond the human condition.

I myself am not there yet, but this is a journey best made with companions.

Here is some quick background for the temple:

Gnosis and Gnosticism

The term Gnosis is Ancient Greek in origin, meaning “Knowledge”. And this is no simple knowledge such as facts and figures. No, this knowledge, Gnosis, is a deep-seated internal knowledge, a knowledge that must be experienced, that is more felt than it is realized in words that we can communicate.

Gnosticism is a modern term for a body of ideas and system of practice for the last  two millennia generally credited to a goodly amount Jewish and Christian origins. Though both religions have had great influence up to our modern era, neither is the progenitor of what we now refer to as Gnosticism.  

Thus, Gnosis is occult knowledge we must experience, and Gnosticism is a collection of outwardly knowable frames of information that can lead to Gnosis. While I have aa focus on Gnosis, I am not so much interested in Gnosticism. I am an Occultist and all real-world knowledge is valid for study and dissection. Take what is useful and discard the rest. Work, not faith is the most important focus. If it doesn’t work, then it isn’t useful; and all the faith in the universe will not change that fact.


The term Ophite seems some what lost in the annals of time and place. The ancient Greek root ophis refers to a snake. The term Ophites, or Ophians, is used regarding  supposed members of a Gnostic Christian sect sometime in the 2nd to 3rd centuries C.E. and the entire line of thought of the existence of the Ophites is based on a document referred to as the Syntagma of Hippolytus. No one has ever found said document though it is referred to by many authors during the close of the ancient period. It appears more as a derogatory term to discredit the Christian Gnostics of the period due to there view of the serpent and the origin of humans.

We can get far off into the weeds on this subject alone. The reason this term was chosen, Ophite, is due to the way the serpent has been looked at over time. It is a symbol of good and evil, of learning, of knowledge, of destruction and healing. It is also a symbol of life force and of divine power. My patron and benefactor has chosen to appear as a winged woman with a serpents, as a winged woman with a serpent head, and a woman whose legs are a serpentine smoke, depending on the symbolism she is imparting and the focus of the communion. Thus, Ophite.

Future Blogs

All my future blogs will deal with details, whys, how’s and teaching experiments. I would love for you the followers of this blog to engage in and test the information or praxis given here. You will assist in forming what will become the teaching structure of the temple. Please feel free to add constructive criticism and inquiries at any time.

I look forward to this great new path and hope you will as well…

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