Essentials of Magic – Part 1 ~The 3 Basics

Over the years I have boiled the entire “magical” process down to 3 areas of import.




However, my approach and perception of each of these basics have evolved as time has elapsed. Knowledge comes quick; wisdom, not so much. In this 3-part series we will discuss each of the 3 basics, then bring them together in what I hope is a coherent and structured path that will increase magical ability and success.

In every mystery school, the process of initiation and ongoing development consists of what we would today call psychological changes. These changes must happen at the deepest levels to be effective and upon serious examinations of the mystery school process, the shock and absurdity is what sets the stage for advancement. Even within the Koan’s of Zen, the illogical and sometime confounding sayings are what sparks the mind to become open to the needed change of fundamental thought paths.

Without changing the mind from its materialist only view and opening the innate channels to the so called “higher planes”, the minds influence within the higher reality is hit and miss. The little tools of magic, be it spell or physical component, assist in changing the mindset temporarily. However, in order to reach peak performance and capability, the middleman tools, short term perception alterations and trance states must be eliminated.

The brain and mind are a fickle thing and as of now, I have not found a way to keep these changes in place without continual maintenance. With that said, once the base perception of the mind has changed, which can prove difficult, the maintenance is easy. And that maintenance can be ever evolving, becoming easier and briefer over time. I would have like to have known this at 15.

I have been developing solutions for this over the last year. Only recently have I realized how deep the rabbit hole of the mind goes. Much of the thought for internal changes comes forth through the thoughts of C.G. Jung and his archetypal theories. Many Left-Hand groups and authors use the Archetype in their rituals. However, I recently determined the use of this line of endeavor is incomplete.   The contemporary ways work on using an archetypal base, followed but an unguided  journey through your own mind. I am of the opinion this is excellent for discovering your own internal issues or needs. However, it does not necessarily provide the needed change of perception and reception to later advancement.

The old mystery schools, and even some of more recent advents, run a rigorous training program of “DO THIS!”. I always had an issue with that, particularly if I did not agree with what they had the prospective practitioner performing. I understood fully what they were doing but had preferred the typical Left handed path of exploration after the rigid “do this”. Yet, I did feel somewhat lacking afterwards. I think now that is due to not having the process completed. The open-ended process is important, but not as a base. It should remain only as a supplement to measure progress and allow the underlying subconscious to reveal what else needs tending too.

As for the primary methods of change, a rigid formula should guide the mind, not the mind being partially guided and then let free to run wild. However, the quality and focus of the exercises must also be created in a proper way to force the perception to change in an efficient and useful manner. Therefore, not any guided procedural will do. And that is what I am attempting, to build a solid, useful platform using archetypes and modern psychological techniques to open the mind and make the adjustments to bring about essential perceptions that will ignite your magic ability.

That is not to say older paths do not work. However, those mystery schools were for the people of the times they were developed. Even schools such as The Golden Dawn are a product of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The thought processes of today and 150 years ago are not the same. We have grown and developed in a time of technology that recorded history has never seen. We have instant communication across most of the planet. People want access to content via the internet. The challenge is to adapt old methods to new mindsets; which I do not think works very well. Thus, new methods must be employed.

The strict master-pupil relationship and dedication of a good portion of one’s time is no longer practical. Yet the same technological world that restricts in one way, has opened possibilities to persons that may not otherwise had access. I have stepped up to the challenge and hope to help fill the void that has developed as have some of my contemporaries. However, with a different approach.

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