S.E. West is a practicing Occultist, author, consultant and instructor working to open the hidden world that exists around and within us all. Through exploration and use of occult knowledge, he seeks to assist others in rising above this mundane world to take control of their own lives.

He has experienced “other-worldly” beings for as long as he can remember and did not understand why he was plagued by the “Demons” his mother often spoke of. Once Sean understood there was more to existence than the narrow views of his upbringing, he began to reach out and read forbidden writings. Then he continued to explore the occult world directly.

The ideas presented here are neither set in stone nor meant to disregard other occult concepts; past or present. Perception is everything, and each of us have our own perception, seeing the world through our own personal kaleidoscope. Only through personal exploration and praxis may we find the common threads of occult reality and make our own destiny.