Upcoming Books by S.E. West

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I am Currently working on a book that will be the first of a series of 5 softcover manuals on occult exploration and magical practice. The series is from the perspective of helping the reader and prospective Occultist build their own path, rather than giving them a canned “this is how you have to do it” approach.

Volume 1, A Beginner’s Guide to Exploration, should be out 1st quarter, 2019. Then the plan is for a new book every 6 months:

Volume 2, Occult Craft Foundation

Volume 3, Advanced Seal Craft

Volume 4, Change via the Archetype

Volume 5, Advanced Occult Craft

Once the initial public book series is completed, I am planning a hard cover series that expands the 5 core topics. This 3 volume Grimoire set will not only add breadth, but depth to Occult exploration and magic. The series is focused on new practitioners, yet the veteran practitioner should find interesting new perceptions to expand their repertoire.

I am also planning for future volumes on recreating the self, a cult path, and possibly even a special edition in a language I have started using in a magical way.

In the meantime, please enjoy the blog and feel free to comment.